Critics want Chicago’s casino approval process restarted

Critics are calling on officials to reapprove plans to develop the first-ever casino in Chicago because of major changes to the project. (Image:

Significant changes

Plans to build the first casino in the city of Chicago faced strong resistance during the initial planning phase, and critics still raise doubts about the project. THE Chicago Sun Times The editorial board released an editorial Tuesday calling for a restart of the approval process for construction work that Bally’s Corporation plans to begin soon.

must change the location of a 35-story hotel tower

This comes a week after the casino company revealed it must change the location of a 35-story hotel tower on the site due to potential dangers to the water pipes underneath.

I request a review

The editorial team claims that the hotel’s location shift is not just a small change to the original plan. This type of major renovation is believed to require City Council and Plan Commission approval so that the general public will not be caught by surprise by any additional changes in the future.

condemns the city and Bally’s for only now discovering the problem

The piece condemns the city and Bally’s for only now discovering the water pipe problem, saying it is “the latest example of the various vagaries and unmet expectations that have surrounded the entire casino deal since start”.

Construction work has not yet begun; Bally’s recently said it plans to take a step forward this year. Some people believe Bally’s will struggle to meet its expected opening date. Councilor Brian Hopkins believes the goal is optimistic at best and also questioned Bally’s ability to raise the capital needed to keep the project on schedule.

Questions that need to be answered

Another disappointing situation has been the performance of the temporary casino at Medinah Temple, which will operate until the permanent facility opens in September 2026. It has only grossed about $3.1 million in revenue since opening in September tax for the city, or about 10 dollars. m lower than the original projections.

Questions also remain about whether the casino license will be awarded to Bally’s. A June report from Chicago Sun Times showed alleged financial ties between the casino company and then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

One of the main reasons the casino project got the green light was to help generate revenue for the city’s significant pension obligations. This is why the editorial board believes that the public needs transparency on all aspects of the project, as they have an interest in its success.

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