Responsible Wagering Australia welcomes ‘sensible’ regulations.

In the context of increasing pressure for implementation safer gaming standards In Australiathat of the country federal government has embraced the task of enforcing a series of new regulations this would increase player protection.

The new regulations are impacting several areas of sports betting operations, including retail betting and payments.

Cashless retail betting

given that Victoria Gambling and Casino Control Commission‘S (VGCCC) last relationship relating to increase in the number of gambling incidents involving minorsthey decided to act immediately by asking Tabcorpwhich is Victoria’s exclusive betting license holderpresent cashless retail betting ON 70% of all this terminals.

This way Tabcorp staff would be the first to prevent potential underage betting scenarios.

About 1,800 electronic betting terminals Tabcorp-owned operations are expected to become cashless from the end of the month.

To use them, visitors should obtain a voucher; cutting from the betting shop counter. In this way, customers who He appears to be under 25 years old you need to go through a first Identity verification procedure.

Last December, Liquor and gaming in New South Wales announced it would expand its cashless gambling trial amid growing interest shown by clubs and other venues.

RWA finds underage gambling ‘absolutely unacceptable’

SBC News and the payment expert discussed the matter Responsible Betting in Australia (RWA)the trade body representing a number of high-profile Australian license holders with names such as bet365, Sports betting, Points bet, Betfair, UnibetAND To entertain on the list.

Although Tabcorp is not a representative of RWA, the association has highlighted the critical importance of thoroughly meeting all responsible gambling standards across the industry.

Additionally, Tabcorp shares responsibility for implementing and enforcing safer gaming standards across Australia.

RWA CEO Kai Cantwellcalled it “absolutely unacceptable” for any Australian minor to gamble, also mentioning how online betting providers carry out age and identity checks on all customers before allowing them to make any transactions.

Cantwell called the procedure “an important mechanism for mitigating money laundering and terrorist financing risks.”

The CEO added that RWA encourages “reasonable regulatory measures” that can bring other forms of gambling up to the current standards to which online betting providers now operate.

At the moment, The cabinet of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is committed to implementing nothing less than 31 recommendations carried out by a parliamentary inquiry into gambling.

Last DecemberTHE Public Accounts and Estimates Committee submitted an application to the state of Victoria, asking that television gambling advertising be restricted as part of a more complex report into the regulation of gambling and alcohol in the state.

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